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Color Sample

Color Sample

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Making a decision can be challenging when it comes to picking out pendant lights.  Luckily Bicycle Glass offers color samples to help aid in the decision making process.  Each sample pack includes a small piece of all three colors: Eco Clear, Steel Blue, and Slate Gray.

You can use this to help determine which color lights would be best suited for your space.  

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If you have sloped ceilings, extra tall ceilings or a need for downrods instead of cords, we have you covered.

Configure and Customize your Lights

Sloped Ceiling Adapters

If you have a sloped ceiling, don't worry. Bicycle Glass has you covered. For sloped ceilings you'll just need one of our hang straights. It accommodates from 0-90 degrees of slope and can also swivel for maximum adjustability. Set it once and it hangs perfectly straight down, safely, forever. Learn more here.

Cord Lengthening

If you have especially tall ceilings (typically, over 10 ft.), Bicycle Glass can lengthen the cords to accommodate your ceiling height. When 4 ft of cord isn't enough we have 8 ft and 12ft cord lengths standard. If you need additional length, just call or email.


Some clients prefer the look of downrods instead of cords. We can absolutely help accommodate this on all of our lighting fixtures if you like. Downrods come in lengths of 6", 12" and 15" and can be screwed together to get the length that you want for each of your lights. You can learn more about downrods here. If you have additional questions please feel free to reach out to us at 1-833-245-4448 or email us at

Shade Only

There are many reasons why clients may not need hardware and just prefer getting the glass shades only. We definitely can help you with this. You can learn more here and make sure our glass shades will fit your application. To learn more you can click here. To finalize your order when you are ready, just reach out to us at 1-833-245-4448 or at


If your junction box is not directly above where you would like your light to hang you can use our swag kit to have your light hang where you would like it to. This is a slightly more uncommon situation, but we definitely have a solution for this.

Recessed Light Conversion

Fairly common is a situation where you have a recessed light where you would like your pendant light to hang. We have a very simple and elegant solution to this problem called the recessed light conversion kit and it can be added to any of our pendant lights.

Something Else

If you would like to do something else with us or


    Each glass pendant light is hand made, one at a time by a team of dedicated artists in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We are proudly hand made in the United States.

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    All of the glass we use to make all of our products is locally sourced from our community. It is made from 100% post consumer recycled glass.

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    Each light comes with an eco-friendly LED bulb designed to last for years.

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  • Shipping material made from 100% post consumer recycled product.

    Bicycle Glass Ships sustainably. We use post 100% post consumer recycled product to ship our glass. We even internally recycle boxes that were sent to us into fill material for our shipments to you. Waste not, want not.

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