Collection: Lunar Lighting Collection - Seeded

​​Lunar’s​ signature specked surface is what gives it its charm. The carved-out craters, dark and mysterious, contrast the moon’s warm, milky glow, creating a dynamic visual that stands out among the night sky. Inspired by the surface of the moon, our clear seeded glass pendant lights, chandelier lights, sconce lights, and flush lights feature a rounded, whimsically bubbled surface that will light up your room like the moon. Functionally flawless and breathtakingly beautiful, our clear seeded glass pendant lights are also artisan-made and crafted using sustainable materials and manufacturing processes. Inspired by and made by nature, these fixtures are fantastic focal points for the eco-conscious buyer’s home or business.

  • Bubbled design handcrafted from 100% recycled glass
  • Dynamic statement piece for any space
  • The seeded glass pendant shade’s scattered bubbles bend and refract light in a unique and playful way
  • Available in four beautiful shades: Steel Blue, Eco Clear, Golden Amber, and Slate Gray