Fast Shipment of Hardware and Bulbs

Bicycle glass has the ability to ship the hardware and the bulbs for an order ahead of schedule so that a contractor can have the necessary components to do the electrical installation of the hardware ahead of schedule. 

The hardware and the bulbs are the only things generally necessary for a contractor to do the electrical installation.  In most instances it is quite easy to add the globes to the installed hardware after the contractor has left.

What are the benefits of shipping hardware and bulbs ahead?

There are three main benefits for shipping the bulbs and hardware ahead of schedule. 

1. Allows for the contractor to get the work done faster.  Since the hardware and bulbs are generally the only thing necessary for the contractor to do the installation work this can save a lot of time and help make contractor more efficient.  This can reduce extra trip charges and ultimately save you money by having everything necessary for the contractor to do the installation. 

2. It reduces the risk of damage to the globes.  This is often overlooked, but one of the main ways that globes can get damaged is during the construction process.  Many times we have seen clients have an contractor install the lights and then later a subcontractor damages the globes and then they need to be replaced. 

3. Help identify any issues more quickly so that problems can get resolved ahead of schedule.  This is rarely an issue, but every so often getting the hardware ahead of schedule can help identify an issue previously not thought of or help to identify a problem that might need a solution that Bicycle Glass can provide. 

 Who is this ideal for? 

This service is ideal for clients that are working with contractors or those that are on a tight deadline where having the hardware can save them time and potentially money.  However, it has other benefits too listed above that also might make a project a particularly good fit for this solution.

Ok, I like the idea, how much will it cost?

In the contiguous US we charge $30 - $40 USD depending on how large the hardware is.  This is a one time charge and per order, not per item.  This is not designed to be an exorbitant fee, but rather as a service that helps customers make their projects go easier.  

For places outside of this please give us a call and we can work with you to custom quote this. 

How do I actually do this?

You can absolutely self service this yourself during the checkout process.  After configuring all the items for your cart, in the beginning of the checkout process there is a yellow button at the top of the screen that says "Add Fast Shipment of Hardware & Bulbs"

Just click that button and it should add fast shipment of hardware and bulbs to your order.  


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