Collection: Hand-Blown Swell Pendant Lights

In with the tide, out with the tide. The ocean's waves sway rhythmically back and forth like a swinging pendulum, enchanting all who gaze at them.

Bicycle Glass's hand-blown swell pendant lights create a similar effect. Our popular swell design features a beautifully distorted band that undulates around each hand-blown glass shade in an endless wave of elegance. While this swell is stationary, it almost seems to move as the light behind it shifts.

If you want to imbue your space with a coastal vibe or simply want an eye-catching focal point, consider our hand-blown swell pendant lights. Beauty and power aren't all they pack; all of our glass wave pendant lights are also:

  • Ocean inspired, with a hand-applied wave design
  • Unique; each globe is one of a kind
  • With a variety of colors: Eco Clear, Slate Gray, Steel Blue, and Golden Amber
  • Crafted from 100% recycled glass