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800 Series

Bicycle Glass 800 series form 818 cylinder shape reference image

The Bicycle Glass 800 series features a graceful and distinctive hourglass shape for multiple lighting applications. This exclusive, eco-friendly pendant light is a beautiful addition to a kitchen or bar and can add an exciting element to any dining room or entryway as a chandelier.

The unique shape made from 100% recycled glass allows this piece to make a bold statement as individual pendant lighting or add an air of sophistication to any room in combination with other glass pieces.

Discover everything our 800 series light fixtures have to offer and find the perfect sustainable addition to your space. 

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  • 818 Atmospheric: Single Pendant Light
    1-818-ATM-CLR-STD-1SGL-BLK-Atmospheric Single Pendant Light: Form No. 818-Pendant Lights-Bicycle Glass Co-Eco Clear-Black-Bicycle Glass Co
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