Collection: Spun Glass Pendant Lights

Like butterfly cocoons, our spun glass pendant lights are meticulously hand-made, and each curve is planned and placed with care. Deep within the cocoon-shaped shade is something magical; not a fluttering creature but a powerful light that’s glowing ethereally from within.

Our hand-blown spun lights take cues from nature with their chrysalis-like shapes and the beautiful web-like trails that intersect and trace the surface of the glass. Additionally, our spun glass pendant lights are:

  • Organically unique
  • Skillfully crafted, with hand-blown glass and hand-applied designs
  • Crafted from 100% recycled glass
  • Available in four stunning shades: Steel Blue, Eco Clear, Golden Amber, and Slate Gray

These nature-inspired fixtures make wonderful contemporary additions to any home or business. Shop our Spun Lighting Collection today for transformative statement pieces.