How Do I Shop At Bicycle Glass Co.?

Our glass shades come in lots of different shapes (Series) and sizes (Forms). We also offer a variety of unique styles (Collections) for each shade. For example, the 763, 767, and 768s are all different sized ‘Forms’ part of the 700 ‘Series’ that features a classic globe shape.

Series Shape Forms
100 Series Oblong 147
300 Series Beehive 301
500 Series Cylinder 513, 515
600 Series Lantern 601, 603
700 Series Globe 763, 767, 768


What Styles Can Be Applied To Each Form?

Lunar Swell Spun Lucent Glacial Celestial
100 Series Yes Yes Yes Yes* Yes*
300 Series Yes
500 Series Yes Yes* Yes* Yes*
600 Series Yes Yes Yes Yes* Yes*
700 Series Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

 *Custom Order Only, please contact our customer service team for more details!

What Size Shade Should I Get?

When shopping for fixtures, always consider your space. If you plan to install our lights over a countertop or table, it is best to know the size (length and width) of what you are working with. It also helps to recognize the overall size and shape of the room. We at Bicycle Glass Co. recommend using 20-35% of your space with our lighting. Not sure how much 20-35% of your space is? You can read more about calculating that here.

We offer a variety of shapes and sizes so that you can find exactly what works for you. Our mini or small sizes include the 147, 301, 513, and 601 shades. Our mid-sized shades are the 302, 515, 767, and 818. Our largest sizes are the 303, 768, and 952 shades. If you have a large space, but like a smaller shape, consider using multiple fixtures.

Series Form Diameter (in) Height (in)
100 147 5 (at widest point) 10
300 301 6 5
500 513 3.5 9
500 515 4.75 10.75
600 601 5.375 5.375
600 603 5.5 7.0
700 763 6 5
700 767 8 6.5
700 768 10 8

For reference, the 763 is about as big as a grapefruit, the 767 is about the size of a volleyball, and the 768 is as large as a basketball.

What Kind of Light Bulb Should I Get?

We offer three different light bulbs, the 4-watt, 8-watt, and 10-watt. All three fit comfortably inside our mid-sized and large shades. However, only the 4-watt and 8-watt light bulbs fit comfortably inside our mini-pendants. All of our LED light bulbs have a standard E26 base, are valued at 2700 K of warm white light, and are dimmable and work with most standard LED dimmer switches.

The first option is the 4-watt (4W) bulb. It compares to a 35 to 40-watt incandescent light (~350 lumens) and is best suited for decorative lighting. 4W bulbs work great if you have other lights in the room or prefer dim lighting. If you choose a 4W, it is free with any order of glass.

The second option is the 8-watt (8W) bulb. It compares to a 60 to 65-watt incandescent light (~750 lumens) and is best suited for task lighting. 8W bulbs work great over kitchen islands, dining tables, and other spaces where a solid light source is needed.

The third option is the 10-watt (10W) bulb*. It compares to a 70 to 75-watt incandescent light (~1100 lumens). 10W bulbs work great if you plan on using our fixtures as a work light or a main source of light and there are few other sources of light in the space.

*Our dimmable light bulbs are compatible with most but not all dimmer switches.

*The 10-watt bulb does not fit inside our mini-size shades (301, 763, and 601) as the light bulb sticks out the bottom of the glass.

What Kind of Junction Box Do I Need?

Any standard 4-inch junction box will work with our fixtures. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us directly here. Or give us a call at (833) 245-4448.

What if My Junction Box Isn’t Over Where I Want My Light to Hang?

We have a swag kit available for our single pendant lights. It’s a small metal piece that gets attached to your ceiling with a hole in the middle that you can thread your cord through. You install a swag kit to where you want your pendant to drop and the electrical work is still wired through your junction box. Please make sure to accommodate the distance between the drop point and the junction box as well as the length you want the pendant to drop when deciding how much cord is needed. All of our cord is adjustable and we offer 4’, 8', and 15’, cord options.


Can I Replace a Recessed Light?

If you are planning to replace a recessed light fixture with one of our fixtures, we have a recessed light conversion kit available on most products. The recessed light conversion kit comes with an 8” diameter canopy plate which covers most can lights. If you have any questions about the conversion kit you can contact us here.


What If I Have a Sloped Ceiling?

If your ceiling is sloped, we will need to modify your hardware. A piece of hardware called a hang-straight is preinstalled on the canopy. The hang-straight is a small metal attachment that can be adjusted up to 90 degrees that allows the glass shade to hang level and also takes stress off of the cord, ensuring a beautiful long-lasting fixture. Hang straights are required for fixtures installed on a sloped ceiling in order to be in UL compliance.


How Do I Clean My Bicycle Glass Co. Shades?

To properly clean your glass, you will need to remove the shade from the hardware. Be sure to turn off the power to the fixture before proceeding with this process. First, remove the light bulb. Once you have unscrewed the light bulb, hold the glass shade in place and unscrew the shade ring by turning it counterclockwise. Remove the glass shade from the fixture and carefully set it on a towel, rather than setting it directly on a hard surface as that could potentially cause damage. You do not need a lot of liquid to clean the glass properly. We use a diluted alcohol solution of one-part alcohol and one-part water, but if you are sensitive to alcohol it may be diluted as much as you deem necessary. You can also use a diluted glass cleaner and that should work just fine. We suggest using some sort of soft or microfiber cloth to wipe the glass to prevent streaking.

Once the glass has dried completely, you can reattach it to the fixture. Simply align the hole at the top of the glass to go through the socket set, hold the glass in place, and screw the shade ring with the wide and flat part of the ring facing up towards the ceiling, sandwiching the glass to the fixture. Then you can screw the light bulb back in and you are good to go!

My Shade Looks Crooked! What Do I Do?

The holes at the top of the glass are based on the weight distribution of the piece itself and not based on the direct geometric center of the glass. Since these are hand blown pieces, the weight isn't always completely even. The holes are cut that way so the pendants can be hung as straight as possible. The hole is cut with a 1.75 inch gap, (slightly larger than the E26 base socket set) so that you have some wiggle room to adjust the shade to get it to hang straight. We encourage you to attempt to adjust the shade by simply moving the position of the opening on the threaded end of the fixture where you attach the globe. If that does not work, please reach out to us at info@bicycleglass.com or give us a call at 1-833-245-4448.


What Height Will My Pendants Look Best At?

For over countertops, generally speaking you should hang your pendant lights approximately 30-40 inches from the top of the counter to the bottom of the glass. A standard countertop is usually around 36” tall and this allows for room for you to work underneath them comfortably without them being in your field of vision as you look at people across the island.
This is a general guideline for you to use as a tool and not a restriction. If you are taller than average, a 42" gap from the countertop to the bottom of the glass shade on the pendant could be the perfect height. If you are a little on the shorter side and/or like the way a lower hanging pendant looks, or you have shorter ceilings and want to see a little extra cord, 29" from the bottom of the globe to the surface of the countertop could work well for you.

Tables and tabletops are a bit different as people will be sitting at them, so it requires a slightly different height. Generally, people won't be standing and working at tables. That is why, traditionally, pendants are hung with about a 28” - 36" gap from the bottom of the shade to the height of the tabletop.

Again, these are good guidelines, but do take a minute to sit at the table and look at someone across from you and see what height works best for your space. You may again, be taller than average and something like 38" might be appropriate so you can see the people across from you without obstructing your view, or the converse may be true and you like the look of a pendant or dining room chandelier that comes a bit closer to the 26" mark from bottom of the globe to the top of the tabletop. In the end these are just general guidelines and everyone’s space and situation will be a bit different.

Should I Get Corded Hardware or Downrods?

Both types of fixtures are safe and stable so it really depends on what you are looking for visually. Downrod modified hardware has a larger visual presence than the corded option, so if you do not want to see the hardware as much then cord is a good option for you. Standard fixtures will include 4’ of adjustable cord per pendant. We also offer 8’ and 15’ upgrades for taller ceilings (usually recommended for ceilings over 11 feet tall). Cords can be cut to whatever length you desire. However, downrod lengths are non-adjustable. Our hardware is compatible with either downrods or cord, but not both.

When you purchase downrod-modified hardware single pendant hardware or a three piece linear chandelier modified for downrods, one downrod kit per drop will populate with your order. A downrod kit includes one 6” rod, two 12” rods and two 15” rods for a max total of 60” of downrods. These can be mixed and matched as needed to give you the best hang-length possible. We do not recommend using more than 48” of downrods as they tend to look a bit odd the longer they get. We also do not recommend using downrods on cascade chandeliers since their lengths are not adjustable and you will likely not be able to properly space the glass. 

Will the Color of the Glass I Choose Affect the Light Shown?

Our shades will not give off any hue to the light. For example, our steel blue shade will not cause light to reflect a blue tone. The only thing that would cause light to show differently from one shade to another would be if the Atmospheric or Arctic styles were applied. Both of these shades offer a frosted appearance, which creates a gentle lighting effect for sensitive eyes. It also obscures the lightbulb within the shade more than other glass.


The Glass Looks Kind of Green, Why is That?

Since each one of our shades are made from 100% recycled glass and we are not able to get a crystalline clear color. Our clear color glass compares to the clear color to that of an old Coca-Cola bottle. All of our glass will have a greenish tint to it. The green tint is less noticeable with our gray and steel blue colored glass, although there will still be green undertones.

How Many Pendant Lights Should I Place Over My Island?

We use a simple equation to help figure out how many and what size pendants will work best over your kitchen island, dining table or bar area. All you will need to know is the length of the island or table itself, and the diameter of the pendant that you are interested in. Once you have those two numbers, check out our blog post here.