Benefits of Hand-Blown Sustainable Lighting | Bicycle Glass Co.

Benefits of Hand-Blown Sustainable Lighting

There are countless benefits of hand-blown sustainable lighting that can range from being durable, long-lasting, and a beautiful way to help the environment.  Our hand-blown light fixtures are made from 100% recycled glass.  When you purchase handmade lighting you can ensure you receive the highest quality craftsmanship and intricate detailing that's also better for the environment.  Transform your space's look and feel with the help of our eco-friendly glass lighting.

Eco-Friendly Glass Light Fixtures

With so many benefits of hand-blown sustainable lighting, it's important to know the different options.  There are many hardware styles, glass shapes and glass finishes available so you can have the perfect light options for any space in your home.  Sustainable light fixtures are a great way to help the environment while adding unique and beautiful accents to your home.  Whether you're looking for modern pendant light fixtures, multi-pendant chandeliers, or wall-mount lights, there is something for everyone no matter your taste or aesthetic. Experience the difference in quality with handcrafted, hand-blown recycled glass light fixtures.

The Bicycle Glass Co. Difference

At Bicycle Glass Co., we strive to create beautiful, unique, and eco-friendly light fixtures for your home.  We provide high-quality craftsmanship in the hand-blown light fixtures we create.  All our light fixtures are made from 100% post-consumer recycled glass that is locally sourced from our community.  In fact, almost all of our shipping materials are made with recycled materials.  All of our hand-blown lighting is made by a team of dedicated artisans in the greater metropolitan area of Minneapolis Minnesota.  One of our goals is to reduce our carbon footprint by conserving energy in all of our production.  Discover the many benefits of hand-blown sustainable lighting, and find the perfect addition to your home. You can learn more about sustainable lighting here.