Our Story

Bicycle Glass Co. was founded by David Royce and Michael Boyd in 2016. Before starting Bicycle Glass, both were working full-time as independent glass artists. After each started families of our own, they were looking for something that didn't require twenty weeks on the road each year. Over a cup of coffee, the rough outline for Bicycle Glass Co. came together.

Bicycle Glass would become a lighting company committed to quality, sustainability, and affordability. All of our products are made of high quality, durable glass that will stand the test of time. Each piece is hand-blown by a dedicated team of artisans.

At Bicycle Glass, sustainability is at the core of our mission. All lighting is made with 100% pre- and post-consumer recycled glass that is locally sourced from right here in our community. Furthermore, all of our shipping materials are nearly 100% recycled and are designed to be recycled after use. We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint by conserving energy in all of our production. By using renewable wind energy to offset all electricity usage, our studio is nearly carbon neutral, down to our 100% post-consumer recycled packaging.

Lastly, one of our core beliefs is that our high-quality, handmade glass products should be within reach for everyone, as should practicing sustainability. We are committed to keeping our unique lighting affordable.

We look forward to hand-making your pendant lights!

- David Royce, Michael Boyd and the Bicycle Glass Team

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