Collection: 200 Series | Hand-Blown Glass Dome Pendant Light Fixtures

The Bicycle Glass 212 Glass Summit pendant shade is a fresh twist on our 212 Icicle Bowl. The rugged hemisphere shape has a unique and geometric texture to the outside while the lip is reminiscent of a splash and has an organic quality to it. 


Each piece is hand made from post consumer recycled glass in Minneapolis, Minnesota by a team of dedicated artisans. This 100 percent recycled dome glass pendant light works well with traditional, transitional, beach, and modern or contemporary homes. The 212 glass shade is a small-sized piece with eye-catching appeal that works perfectly as single pendant lighting, semi-flush lighting and on chandeliers.


Each bowl is highly variable due to its handmade nature and measures approximately 4 - 5” tall and approximately 6.75 - 7.5” in diameter.