Tips for Choosing Proper Bathroom Lighting

Tips for Choosing Proper Bathroom Lighting

When it comes to redesigning the lighting arrangements in certain areas of your home, the bathroom is one of the most important locations to consider. Not only is this a room that sees some of the busiest activity, but it’s also a space that needs to be practical as well as beautiful. This is why, for many homeowners, it can be a struggle to find the proper balance between their tub, shower, and vanity areas. But despite the difficulty in the process, it’s clear that once you find the proper mixture of style and saturation, your bathroom can become a true retreat from the outside world. So, to start your next renovation project on the right track and get the finished product you’re after, try some of these tips for choosing proper bathroom lighting.

Maximize Natural Light Where Possible

While it might seem counter-productive to incorporate more natural light into a space that benefits from artificial lighting fixtures, this is the best way to create a warm atmosphere. Bathrooms without windows generally feel cold and closed off from the world. This can be a problem when trying to turn your bathroom into the reinvigorating environment it’s supposed to be. The natural glow and heat from the sun give the room a gentle, diffused light which, in turn, infuses those in it with energy. With more natural light comes a higher-energy, more accommodating setting to perform your hygiene and self-care routines. It’s for this reason that it’s common for homeowners to switch up their bathroom window treatments and allow the morning sunlight to flood in. From here, the stage is set to add focused lighting fixtures and more concentrated light.

Consider the Classic Pairings

Traditional bathroom design became well-known and beloved for a reason. In fact, it maximized the efficiency of our home bathrooms by strategically placing each lighting fixture and leaving no spot insufficiently lit. This strategy is key to ensuring that, no matter what we need to do, certain fixtures can provide the proper amount of illumination for that area of the room. While you’re free to choose your lighting design and configuration as a homeowner, maintaining a few proven elements can greatly simplify the difficult process. For instance, wall sconces make a classic pairing with vanity and sink areas because they supply direct, highly-saturated light for applying makeup or performing skincare routines. It’s not out of the question to use something different if that’s what you desire. However, this application is considered very effective. Other traditional pairings to keep in mind include recessed lighting above the tub or shower and overhead lighting ornaments for general ambient lighting.

Commit to a Metal Finish

The classy shine of metal materials makes for a clean and elegant feeling bathroom. This is because the cool touch of brass, silver, and gold sheens complement the warmth of the light your fixtures generate. With the proper combination of light and metal accents, the space appears both welcoming and luxurious at the same time. Brass and chrome finishes, in particular, are incredibly popular for their versatility in design. They easily pair with the color schemes of other bathroom accessories and make the space look more unified as a result. But no matter which finish you ultimately choose, it’s important that all your lighting fixtures have similar appearances. This ensures that your bathroom looks consistent even if you purchase certain fixtures that are different from one another.

Incorporate Various Lighting Layers

Another vital tip for choosing proper bathroom lighting is to install a collection of different fixtures to provide multiple layers of light. Since the bathroom is generally a high-traffic area in the average home, it needs to be able to accommodate a series of different needs as they arise. This means that whether it’s simple overhead lighting, focused task lighting, or design-oriented lighting, they all have a role to play. As such, special care needs to be taken to balance these different types of light in ways that offer the most functional use for guests as well as residents. For the optimal effect, pick fixtures that look similar to one another, yet still have varying uses. For instance, you’ll want your overhead pendant lights to have a similar color scheme to your wall sconces. This allows you to establish clear lighting layers while maintaining a consistent overall style.

Remember Fixture Size

Small, minimalist lighting fixtures aren’t for everyone. In fact, many homeowners have recently taken a liking to over-the-top extravagant design. This has led to them installing larger fixtures into their bathrooms to create an overall luxurious atmosphere. However, it’s crucial to note that the larger the fixture you use, the smaller your bathroom will look in comparison. Bathrooms aren’t traditionally the most spacious rooms in a home. So, it’s important that you’re keeping track of how you’re using that limited space. Even if you really want a larger lighting fixture, you shouldn’t be doing so at the expense of the room’s practicality. Therefore, you should consider larger accent pieces as décor rather than the main source of the room’s lighting.

Don’t Be Afraid to Add a Statement Piece

But with all that being said, you still shouldn’t be afraid to add a larger statement piece if that’s what you truly want. As long as you’re careful with how it’s installed and conscious of how much space it will take up, these fixtures can be a wonderful addition to your home. Uniquely-shaped chandeliers or hanging pendants create a sense of intrigue and provide your bathroom with a depth commonly found in other areas of the property. This depth of design not only exudes class but also generates a connection to the rest of the home. After all, if your bathroom design is completely independent of other rooms, the house as a whole can seem disjointed when walking through.

To the average homeowner, it’s no secret how important the right type of bathroom lighting is to the functionality of the space. From the practical wall sconces along with the vanity to the sophisticated pendants hanging from the ceiling, each piece sets the room’s tone as well as accommodates every possible need. At Bicycle Glass Co., we understand this importance all too well and seek to not just provide you with beautiful hand-blown light fixtures, but quality light concentration as well. Contact us to learn more about our extensive inventory and discover pieces that would look perfect in your home.

Tips for Choosing Proper Bathroom Lighting

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