The Difference between Natural and Artificial Light

The Difference between Natural and Artificial Light

The Difference Between
Natural and Artificial Light

When the time comes to replace the lighting fixtures in your home, you may have to decide how to best do so. If your home has many windows, incorporating more natural light into your design may be easiest. People with home offices, on the other hand, may want to illuminate those spaces with bright artificial lights. Learn the differences between natural and artificial light in order to make the proper lighting renovations for your home and lifestyle.

Natural Lighting

Defined as light provided by the sun, natural lighting can rejuvenate a home and capture the natural beauty of your surroundings. This type of light provides a touch of warmth and color to enhance the overall atmosphere. You can also obtain natural light from fireplaces and candles. These additional sources are more controllable and more reliable if you want a consistent way to use natural light in your home.

However, keep in mind that you often can’t control the intensity of natural light. So, many homeowners find that they need to light several candles to get the same effect as a single light bulb.

Artificial Lighting

Even in homes with several windows, natural lighting can only extend so far into a room. This can be a problem in work areas where you need extra light to see what you’re doing. Rooms such as the kitchen, bathroom, and office all require us to focus on specific items and to have the clarity of sight to get the job done. Artificial lighting is the perfect solution in these areas, as you can install it wherever you need it to be.

With artificial lighting, you can also have control over how bright or dim the lighting is at any given time. This feature offers a variety of lighting options for you, depending on the situation and the atmosphere you want to create.

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