Shapes, Styles and Colors Guide

Shapes, Styles and Colors Guide

At Bicycle Glass Co. we offer a wide variety of glass shapes and styles which can prove to be a little confusing to those outside our small team. This article is here to explain how we name and categorize our pieces to help clarify which of our hand-blown glass shades will work best for you! 

A piece of glass gets specified in 3 distinct ways.

First, all of our glass shapes are given a 3-digit Form number, (such as 767, 147, or 515). The form number corresponds to the size and shape of the piece of glass. For example, all 767s will be a globe that is 8 inches in diameter by 6.5 inches tall, and all 515s will be a cylinder that is 4.75 in diameter by 10.75 inches tall. 

From there, a Style (such as Lunar, Swell or Spun) gets applied which further specifies the type of shade you would like. The style is the way the glass is manipulated. For example Lunars are always bubbled/seeded glass, Atmospheric lights are always half frosted, and Swells always have an extra band of glass wrapped around the outside.

The last step is to choose between our three color offerings, Gray, Steel Blue, or Clear. All of our styles and shapes are available in these 3 colors.



Each of our Form numbers corresponds to a shape, which our artisans then handcraft using specific molds and hand-blowing techniques. Certain shapes have multiple sizes available and those sizes are called a series. The smallest number in that series will always be the smallest piece of glass and the largest number will always be the largest piece of glass. For example the 700 series is our globe shape. It features 3 different sizes, 763 which is the smaller, 767 which is the medium size, and 768 which is the largest.

The shapes we currently offer fall into seven different categories: The 100 Series, 300 Series, 500 Series, 600 Series, 700 Series, 800 Series, and 900 Series. 

Bicycle Glass Co. Form 147

Our 100 series features the 147. This elegant vertical ellipse shape was modeled after an antique cast-iron mold that was used for manufacturing in New York at the turn of the century.  In keeping with our eco-friendly goals to re-use and recycle, the 147 has found a new home here at our studio and has become one of our most popular pieces. All 147s are 5 inches in diameter at the widest point and 10.75 inches tall. 


Bicycle Glass Co. Form 301, 302, 303

Our 300 Series features the 301, 302, and 303. Inspired by the Fresnel Lens, which is used in lighthouses around the world to help ships avoid treacherous coastlines. This unique shade features a stair-like pattern which descends to a smooth lower half. The only difference between the 301, 302, and 303 forms is that they are different sizes. The 301 is the smallest with a 6" diameter and a 5" height, followed by the 302 which has an 8" diameter and a 6.5" height, and finally the 303, with a 12" diameter and 10" height, is the largest of the 300 Series.  *Currently we are only making the 301 design.  The other designs may come back at some point in the future.


Bicycle Glass Form 515 and 513

Our 500 Series features the 513 and the 515. These shades are a classic, sleek cylinder shape that help elevate your space. These light fixtures emphasize vertical height while also streamlining your space. The 513 and 515 form numbers correspond to the size of the cylinder shade. The 513 has a 3.5" diameter and a 9" height, whereas the 515 has a 4.75" diameter and a 10.75" height.


Bicycle Glass Co. Form 601

Our 600 Series features the 601 and the 603. This series showcases a unique bell jar shape that is about as wide as it is tall, making these lantern-inspired shades appear cube-like. The 601 has about a 5.375" diameter and height, while the 603 is slightly larger, at 6 inches in diameter and 7 inches tall.  *This item is currently not being made regularly.


Bicycle Glass Co. Form 763, 767, 768

Our 700 Series features the 763, 767, and 768. This versatile globe shape is one of our most popular shades and is available in three different sizes. The 763 is 6 inches in diameter by 5 inches tall (roughly the size of a large grapefruit), the 767 is 8 inches in diameter by 6.5 inches tall (roughly the size of a volleyball) and the 768 is 10 inches in diameter by 8 inches tall (roughly the size of a basketball).


818 shade graphic

Our 800 Series features the 818. This graceful and distinctive hourglass shape works for multiple lighting applications. This shade has a larger diameter at the top and base and the middle section curving in, creating smooth concave sides. The 818 is 5.5 inches in diameter by 8 inches tall.  *This item is currently not being made. 


952 form Bicycle Glass Co

Lastly, our 900 Series features the 952. This series showcases a unique, horizontal ellipse shape reminiscent of styles seen in mid-century design. This shape is often called the 'Saucer' or ‘UFO’. The 952 is 14 inches in diameter by 6 inches tall. *This item is currently not being made.



We have a few different style options that can be applied to the glass shades. 

The Swell Collection features a distorted band that wraps around the shade’s surface, creating a wave-like design.

  • Our Arctic Swell Sub-Collection puts a bit of a twist on the classic Swell look. The Arctic Swell offers the same Swell design, but is completely frosted and fully opaque which allows for a softer lighting experience.

Bicycle Glass Co. Swell StyleBicycle Glass Co. Arctic Swell Style

Inspired by the surface of the moon, our Lunar Collection, shown below on our 601 shade in Clear, offers a spontaneously bubbled surface. This seeded glass shade style is available with nearly our shapes.

Bicycle Glass Co. Lunar Style Close-Up

The Atmospheric Collection is reminiscent of a light fog. Shown below on a Gray 515, this style is transparent on top, but features a nearly opaque frost on the bottom that obscures the lightbulb creating a gentle lighting effect.

Bicycle Glass Co. Atmospheric Style

Our Spun Collection is currently available with a limited selection of shapes. Its beautiful web-like trails cross and intersect throughout the surface of the shade, as shown below.

Bicycle Glass Co. Spun Style

Exclusively available with our 300 Series Shape, the Lucent Collection features a truly transparent glass with no other design. It is depicted below in our Steel Blue color on a 301 shade.

Bicycle Glass Co. Lucent Style


Because all of our handblown glass shades are made from 100% recycled glass, all of our colors are cool toned. There is also a slight green tint to our glass, which is most noticeable in our Clear glass. The Clear color ends up being closer to the color of an old Coke bottle than to a true crystalline clear color. Our Gray also has a bit of a green tint to it, again due to the pieces being made from recycled glass.

If you are unsure which color you think will work best for your space, and would like to see the colors in person, you can request a color sample by sending an email or reaching out to us in chat.

You will be sent a small piece of each color glass that we offer, that way, you can compare and contrast the colors against your space!

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