different types of home lighting fixtures

Different Types of Home Lighting Fixtures

October 21, 2019

When it comes to customizing a house’s lighting, homeowners can often get overwhelmed with how many options they have. From classic-styled lamps to more modern tracks and undercabinet lighting, the choice you make for your own home can greatly affect how you, and your guests, feel within its walls. These are the different types of home lighting fixtures and how each can bring a unique atmosphere to your home.

Floor and Table Lamps

Floor, table, and desk lamps are some of the most versatile options you have for lighting in your home. These lamps come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and designs to more accurately accommodate different personal styles. Since, by design, lamps direct their light both downward and upward, this specific type of lighting is most commonly used to establish a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Recessed Fixtures

Recessed lights get installed above the ceiling and shine directly down through several openings. Since these lights shine only downward, most people tend to install them in a series of rows to effectively illuminate a room.


Chandeliers are highly sought after for their unique decorative styles and noteworthy ambient lighting. The upward focus of chandelier lighting works better for illuminating large spaces such as kitchens and dining areas. With their varied designs, it’s not too difficult to find one that fits your personal tastes.


Like recessed lights, pendent lights focus most of the light downward at the table or floor. They act as another great option for those who want a warmer atmosphere with a classy style. Glass, handmade pendent lighting fixtures, in particular, provide an optimal choice for this effect due to their transparent appearance.


While you’ll commonly see track lights in galleries, you can still use them in your home. Attached to tracks suspended from the ceiling, you can continuously adjust these lights to fit whatever features you want to emphasize in a room. In addition to accent lighting, you can also focus the beams on a specific space.

Undercabinet Fixtures

Extremely popular in kitchen and bathroom areas, undercabinet lighting is the most useful for spaces where you need to plenty of bright light. Though they work well as background lighting, these lights primarily ensure that you can see what you’re doing as you work.

Wall Sconces

Wall sconces, like lamps, can direct lighting upward as well as downward. Since they’re wall-mounted, they’re extremely versatile and offer the ability to really customize your home’s lighting. Wall sconces also allow you to switch out their shades and create your own look.


If you’re looking for a set of beautiful, glass lighting fixtures for your home, look no further than Bicycle Glass Co. Whether you desire a new pendant light, a chandelier, or updated hardware, we can supply you with what you need to create the perfect atmosphere with lighting.

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