4 Tips for Adding Coastal-Style Lighting to Your Home

4 Tips for Adding Coastal-Style Lighting to Your Home

You might not be able to visit the bona fide beach very often. But you can bring elements of it into your home, making every day a beach day. Coastal style is a popular interior design aesthetic for homeowners who love the laid back, peaceful atmosphere of the coast. One signature attribute of coastal homes is their bright, open feel, which they often achieve through plentiful lighting. If you want to turn your home into a nautical paradise, these four tips for adding coastal-style lighting to your home will help you get started.

Choose Soft, Natural Colors

To achieve a coastal-style vibe, seek out pieces in casual, beachy colors. Some examples are sandy creams and whites, sunshine yellows, seaweed greens, driftwood browns, ocean blues, and coral pinks.

Seek Out Nature-Inspired Designs

Coastal style takes heavy inspiration from nature. Therefore, you should look for lighting made of natural materials. Wood, namely driftwood and teakwood, makes an excellent material for lamp bases, as does chiseled, light-colored stone. You can top off these bases with woven rattan or wicker shades. For glass pieces, opt for colorful frosted glass, which resembles washed-up sea glass.

Keep It Simple

Our next tip for adding coastal-style lighting to your home’s interior is to go minimalist. Coastal style is simple, clean, and relaxed. Avoid lighting options with overly complex designs or flashy colors. Freely swinging pendant lights reflect the breezy feel of the beach well. Flush and semi-flush lights are inconspicuous. Sconces with modest backplates also make great choices for a coastal home.

Bring In More Light

One prominent characteristic of coastal homes is how bright they are. The windows are unobstructed, letting the sun shine in. Additionally, there's plenty of artificial light providing a strong, cool, supplementary glow. You don't want your home to be so bright you can barely see, but generally, the more lights you incorporate, the better!

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