Downrod Options at Bicycle Glass

Downrods are available as an option for almost all lighting applications at Bicycle Glass. Downrods specifically are a cosmetic sheath that goes around the standard cord set. It has special mounting at the canopy and at the socket set to allow the downrod sheaths to attach. They can be a great option if you prefer a rigid look to the pendant lights.


Firstly, determine if you need a downrod. What I typically tell clients is that if your gut tells you that you want a totally straight and rigid look then you should get the downrod option. Since it is purely cosmetic it's really up to you what you think will look best. Usually going with the first gut reaction generally us good. There isn't really any wrong answer here, it's really whatever you want.


Downrod Length: Downrods come in 60" packs that each include


Qty: Length

1 unit 6 Inch

2 units 12 inch

2 units 15 inch


The length of the downrods you'll need is based on your ceiling height, the height of the pendant and your own personal preference. You'll make different heights by screwing different downrod lengths together. Unfortunately, they are not designed to be cut to exact lengths so you'll need to make due with combinations of the sizes in the packs. 


Downrod Color: The color of the downrods should generally match the color of the hardware. The downrods come in black, brushed nickel, antique bronze and brass and are the same as all the colors available on our other hardware kits.


Downrod Mounting and Considerations on Chandeliers: The downrod must be mounted correctly to ensure proper function. Please refer to the directions in the kit. If mounting on a chandelier, consider getting extra kits to ensure that you can get the lengths that you need. Remember that you can't cut them to exact lengths. If you want very minute adjustments, especially with chandeliers it is generally easier to go with standard cords instead of downrods.


Conclusion: Downrods are a really beautiful option and if you like them they can be added to almost any lights offered by Bicycle Glass. If you have questions we are always happy to chat with you. 1-833-245-4448 or reach out to us at: