Collection: 700 Series - Hand Blown Globe Pendant Lights

700 Series

Bicycle Glass 700 series globe shape 763, 767 and 768 reference image

At Bicycle Glass, you'll find a trove of enchanting, hand blown lighting fixtures that will enhance your indoor space. Our hand blown globe pendant lights evoke the beauty of the natural world. They come in a classic, yet versatile globe shape. This design works with many different interior design styles, from modern and contemporary to coastal or farmhouse. 

Our glass globe pendant lights are available in our Eco Clear, Slate Gray, and Steel Blue glass colors, and come with various hardware options. Additionally, there are three sizes to choose from, so you can configure your fixture to fit seamlessly in your space. 

  • The 763 is 6" in diameter by 5" tall
    (roughly the size of a large grapefruit)

  • The 767 is 8" in diameter by 7" tall
    (roughly the size of a volleyball)

  • The 768 is 10" in diameter by 8" tall
    (roughly the size of a basketball)

Our hand blown globe pendant lights are beautiful and functional. They’re also sustainable; our artisans craft them from 100% consumer-sourced glass. They make the perfect sustainable additions to any room in your home or commercial business. Shop our 700 series today to customize your perfect lighting fixture.