Advantages of Using LED Lights for Your Lighting Fixtures

Advantages of Using LED Lights for Your Lighting Fixtures

No matter how you light your home, we all use certain light bulbs to make it happen. But depending on the kind you use, you could be paying more—and using more energy—than you need to. If you aren’t satisfied with your current lighting and need to make a change, explore the advantages of using LED lights for your lighting fixtures.

Energy Efficient

LED light bulbs are known for consuming surprisingly low amounts of power while they’re running. In fact, even with only a fraction of power available to them, they can still light up a room just as effectively as other bulbs. This, over time, can save you a large amount of energy. It can even help you cut down your electric bills.

Environmentally Friendly

Since traditional light bulbs are created with toxic chemicals like mercury, disposal can often be difficult and hazardous. Breaking these bulbs can release the chemicals into the air, putting everyone nearby at risk of getting sick. But LEDs, on the other hand, don’t contain such ingredients and don’t need to be handled as carefully as their predecessors. These light bulbs are also frequently recycled to cut down on waste.

Long Lifespan

Because LEDs don’t use as much energy or run as hot as traditional light bulbs, they can last significantly longer. Even when these bulbs are reaching the end of their life, they still won’t burn out or fail. Instead, you’ll notice a gradual dimming over time that indicates it needs to be replaced. With this longer lifespan, you won’t need to purchase as many bulbs, and you’ll be able to still use the old one until you get to the store.

Durable and Versatile

The glass exterior of older light bulbs is often prone to breakage, making them potentially dangerous to handle. But LEDs, made without fragile filaments, are resistant to this level of damage. This allows them to be installed in a variety of environments, as they can hold up in several stressful conditions. It’s for this reason that LEDs are a common outdoor lighting choice—they can handle the abuse from the weather.

Once you’re using efficient light bulbs, make sure that you have beautiful and sustainable lighting fixtures to encase them. Bicycle Glass Co.’s recycled glass pendants are the perfect balance of design and functionality, making them a wonderful component to add to your home.

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