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Eco-Conscious Design: A Bathroom Refresh with Ashley Fiocco

If you're looking for interior design inspiration, look no further than Ashley Fiocco. 

Based in the Los Angeles and Orange County area of California, Ashley is an interior designer whose dedication to sustainability and love for unique pieces shines through in all of her projects.

You can explore more of her work on her website,, or follow her on Instagram @ashleyfioccodesigns.


Before and after images of tranquil bathroom

A Refresh with a Purpose

Recently, Ashley tackled a bathroom renovation for a client who needed more than just functionality. They envisioned a space that felt warm, tranquil, and fresh, reflecting their love for the outdoors. Sustainability was a top priority for both Ashley and her clients, guiding each decision in the redesign. The goal of the renovation was to infuse the bathroom with new life.  They updated the bathroom using as many handmade, domestically-produced, and recycled products as possible.

Bathroom after renovation featuring the 515 Lunar Pendants in Eco Clear

They kept the existing vanity, used handmade tiles for the backsplash feature wall made in the US, swapped out dated knobs for solid brass hardware, and repurposed a remnant piece of marble from the kitchen island to minimize waste. The pair of Bicycle Glass pendants fit seamlessly into their eco-friendly makeover. As Ashley puts it, "The subtle pops of color, texture, and variation in the handmade finishes bring in warmth and personality to this sweet little space."


The Role of Lighting

Lighting played a crucial role in this transformation. Ashley and her clients were thrilled with Bicycle Glass's pendants, crafted from recycled glass here in the U.S.A. These pendants were the perfect fit for the sides of the mirror, offering a playful touch with their seeded glass. While sconces and vanity lights are popular bathroom choices, the pendants worked best with the mirror arrangement in this project. The fact that they are sustainable and made in the USA were major selling points for the team.

Bathroom after renovation featuring the 515 Lunar Pendants in Eco Clear


Advice for Fellow Designers and Renovators

Ashley offers some valuable advice for anyone considering a renovation. "It's definitely easier to shop online at big-box stores to quickly find all you need for a simple room refresh or an entire home renovation. However, thinking about all these items being packaged up in Styrofoam and shipped from across the world, mass-produced of inexpensive materials in factories and seen everywhere already will result in a lot of unnecessary consumption and waste for a lackluster look in the end."

She emphasizes the importance of supporting smaller companies like Bicycle Glass Co. that lead the way in sustainable design. "I am so glad I found Bicycle Glass and now have them added to my source list for any/all future client projects where their lighting would be a perfect fit! Thank you, Bicycle Glass!"

Ashley Fiocco Designs


Ashley Fiocco's designs are both beautiful and eco-friendly, setting her apart in the interior design world. You can explore more of Ashley Fiocco’s work on her website,, or follow her on Instagram @ashleyfioccodesigns


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