Dome Is Where the Bicycle Glass is!

Dome Is Where the Bicycle Glass is!

We are delighted to feature a bathroom update for a unique vacation rental geodesic dome home located in Tennessee. 



“Dome is Where the Heart is” by Selentry is a dome home focused on energy efficiency and sustainability. Husband and wife team Ian and Cheryl Kee chose to update the bathroom vanities with Bicycle Glass globes to continue the emphasis on sustainability as well as add some color and style to an otherwise boring bathroom wall. 


Cheryl comments that “the original frosted glass offered function without much personality or pizzazz. We were excited to find that Bicycle Glass could create some hand-blown glass globes for us that wouldn’t require changing out the whole fixture since the light fixture itself was in good working condition.” 

Bicycle Glass is happy to do glass-only orders for customers. Our glass is cut with a 1.75" diameter hole designed to fit over an E26 base socket set and is secured with a shade ring. As long as the hardware matches these specifications, it should work with our glass. Cheryl and Ian chose this option in order to make their short term rental upgrades as sustainable as possible


For the master bathroom, Ian and Cheryl chose the slate gray lunar 763 glass. According to Cheryl, “This house is incredibly unique so we knew we needed unique elements for our updates. Artisan-made glass was the perfect fit! The slate gray is a beautifully complex color that has slight undertones of blue, so it compliments a variety of decor options. And the bubbles in the glass add both sophistication and whimsy. We couldn’t be happier with how such a simple change of swapping the globes on the fixtures made such a huge difference in elevating the feel of the bathroom!” 

For the upstairs bathroom, Ian and Cheryl chose the 763 swell glass in steel blue. Cheryl writes, “We couldn’t settle on just one color for the house because they are all so beautiful. Where the slate gray is moody and complex, the steel blue with a wave running through it pops against a white wall and was an absolute must for the water-themed bathroom.”

Cheryl also added, “We love that Bicycle Glass uses recycled glass to make their glass shades. We are thrilled to have found this company because every small detail matters in the world of vacation rentals, and these hand-made glass shades are one more way we can give our guests a unique experience that shares our vision of eco-friendliness.”

Thank you for choosing us, Ian and Cheryl! We are honored to be part of your dome home!

Products featured:
763 Lunar Vanity Slate Gray 
763 Swell Vanity Steel Blue 

Location: Taft, TN

Property Designed and Presented by: Selentry Short Term Rentals 
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