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Coastal Blue Ambiance: Sally and Jim's Kitchen Renovation Journey

before and after collage of small kitchen in home, outdated kitchen with wall on the left, updated kitchen with an island and no wall on the right


When Sally and Jim stumbled upon their dream home in coastal California, they weren't expecting to embark on a renovation journey. The captivating mountain views stole their hearts, but the cramped and impractical kitchen posed a challenge.

Despite wanting a move-in ready home, they couldn't resist the beautiful scenery, so they took on the kitchen challenge to make their home their own.




The Renovation

The kitchen in their new home felt a bit tight, so Sally and Jim chose to knock down some walls to create a more connected and spacious area. They aimed for a calming blue and white theme to reflect the coastal vibes of California. Steering clear of trends, their design focused on incorporating elements they personally enjoyed.


kitchen in the middle of a remodel

Leading the design themselves, with a little help from their contractor, they made their vision a reality. Sally and Jim also got their hands dirty with some demolition work, adding a personal touch to the transformation. We love it! Their hands-on approach is motivating some of us at Bicycle Glass to dive deeper into our own home projects.


 Sally and Jim mid-demolition!

two people posing after doing demolition in their kitchen remodel 

This project marked the last remodel their contractor would undertake, making it extra meaningful as they all worked together to shape this space for his farewell project.


Design Choices Coming Togethertiles and a half renovated kitchen


Lighting Matters

“I knew I wanted glass pendants over the new island, hopefully infused with an ocean blue color. I couldn't find what I wanted in local stores, so I ordered several sets online, and was disappointed with the quality and colors. I then turned to a simple image search online and luckily came upon Bicycle Glass lighting. I instantly loved the Steel Blue Swell pendants!” 


two 767 swell blue globes  

The Steel Blue Swell pendants perfectly complemented their design aspirations and even inspired their choice of backsplash tiles and cabinet colors. They also valued that our are handmade in Minneapolis (Sally and Jim’s home town!) with recycled glass from the same community. glass. 


Completed Kitchen, Featuring 767 Swell Globes in Steel Blue photo of remodeled blue and white themed kitchen

Advice for Fellow Remodelers

Reflecting on their journey, Sally and Jim emphasize the importance of patience and thorough planning. “Expect delays, they are guaranteed to happen”, said Sally. They learned firsthand that unexpected obstacles and delays are inevitable in any renovation project. Despite the challenges, the end result is always worth the wait and effort.


image of completed kitchne renovation with blue and white accents


What an incredible transformation! Thank you, Sally and Jim, for sharing your inspiring remodel journey with us. If you're loving the lighting in their home, they used the 767 Swell in Steel Blue to illuminate their space.


Sally, Jim and their Contractor Celebrating the Finished Renovation!photo of homeowners and contractor toasting to a finished kitchen remodel with wine glasses


Embarking on your own renovation journey? We’d love to be a part of it! See our products in other real spaces on our Inspiration Page. And of course, we’re always here to help with your decision. Send us a message at or give us a call at 1-833-245-4448. 

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