Beyond Trends: Cindy and Jim’s DIY Timeless Kitchen Makeover

Beyond Trends: Cindy and Jim’s DIY Timeless Kitchen Makeover

side by side before and after photo of a 1980s kitchen and a modern timeless kitchen with large island

In 2023, after three decades in their home, Cindy and her husband Jim finally decided it was time to give their kitchen a much-needed makeover. Having already remodeled other parts of the house, they knew the room was the next project on their list. So, they rolled up their sleeves and dove into a 4 month long renovation, doing much of the work themselves.

The Renovation

They wanted a space that would stay stylish for years to come. In their quest for a timeless look, Cindy and Jim skipped the trends and went for clean, simple designs and classic colors. 

Their ambition for a complete transformation led them to knock down walls, replace floors, and completely reconfigure the kitchen's floor plan into a spacious open layout. We can hardly believe this is the same space! The end result? The entire space shines brighter now, radiating a sense of satisfaction knowing they tackled it themselves. There are so many great times waiting to happen here!


photo of dated 1980s kitchen within a remodel, sheets on furniture and empty cupboards

The journey wasn't without its challenges. Cindy and  Jim took on the bulk of the work themselves – from demolition to plastering, painting to tiling and flooring. "It was incredibly satisfying to see the final beautiful result," Cindy reflects, "and we didn't kill each other in the process!"


image of kitchen under construction, ceiling torn out , wall exposed insulation and no furniture in the space

Lighting Matters 

Talking about the project, Cindy remembers how they had Bicycle Glass fixtures on their original design plans. "I saw those lights and just knew we had to have them," she says. They landed on the elegant look of the 147 Swell globes in Slate Gray which perfectly complemented the new cabinet color, infusing the kitchen with a touch of sophistication.  The fact that the Bicycle Glass fixtures were crafted from recycled glass and handmade to order in the USA resonated deeply with them.  

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image of in progress kitchen removation, some tiles on the wall, flooring has been installed cupboards are up but there are still blankets on the counters and paper covering the island

Advice for Fellow Remodelers

Reflecting on their experience, Cindy warns, "Be prepared for a dirty house!" Renovations inevitably bring dust and chaos, but the end result is well worth the temporary discomfort. For those tackling a kitchen remodel specifically, Cindy advises setting up a mini-kitchen to avoid the temptation of eating out every night – a practical tip born out of experience.

The Final Result

image of blue and gray modern style kitchen with large wooden kitchen island and three glass pendants above the island

Featuring the 147 Swell Single Pendant light in Slate Gray and Brushed Nickel

In the end, Jim and Cindy's kitchen makeover journey demonstrates the power of vision, hard work, and careful attention to detail. A heartfelt thank you goes out to Cindy and her husband for graciously sharing their beautiful space and the incredible journey it took to bring it to life! And let's all give a big congratulations to Cindy for winning the Slate Gray category in the 2024 Show us Your Space photo contest.

What a stunning transformation!

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