Illuminating Your Hallway: Unique Lighting Solutions

Illuminating Your Hallway: Unique Lighting Solutions

When it comes to designing your home's lighting, the hallway can sometimes get left in the dark. Let's shed some light on this overlooked space!

image of two blue glass globe pendants hanging from a ceiling in a hallway

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If you're looking to add some personality to your hallway, why not explore some unconventional lighting solutions? Say goodbye to boring recessed lights and hardware store fixtures, and let's dive into some unique options!


picture of two semi flush lights on hallway ceiling with lovely starburst shadows projected onto the ceiling

Semi-Flush Lights

Semi-flush lights are your hallway's best friend. These versatile fixtures offer great lighting without hogging all the vertical space, perfect for those with tall family members or standard-height ceilings. Think outside the box with your semi-flush lights—install them at regular intervals to ensure even lighting or tuck them into alcoves for added visual interest. Check out Bicycle Glass Co for a variety of semi-flush lighting options to match your style.





Featuring 767 Lunar Semi-Flush Mount Lights in Eco-Clear

Wall Sconces

Why limit yourself to ceiling lights? Wall sconces are both practical and decorative, elevating your hallway's ambience. Mount them evenly spaced apart for consistency or get creative with placements above artwork, doorways, or architectural features. Bicycle Glass Co offers versatile wall sconces that can be mounted as up-lights or down-lights, however suits your style best!  


closeup of Blue glass globe sconce in hallway

Featuring 763 Swell Sconce Light in Steel Blue


picture of front entry of house with a 3 glass globe chandelier on ceiling and door open


Pendants are another fantastic choice, especially if you've got high ceilings to play with. Whether clustered together or hung individually as focal points, pendants add personality and functionality to any hallway. Explore the option of using multi-pendant chandeliers for a dramatic effect. 

Layering Lights

The key to a well-lit hallway is layering. Mix and match semi-flush lights, pendants, and wall sconces to create depth and warmth. Experiment with different placements and designs to find the perfect balance of ambient and task lighting for your space. 



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the 763 swell globe on a slanted ceiling above a home bar with birds of paradise flowers in a vase
Featuring the 763 Swell Pendant in Steel Blue


So don't let your hallway fade into the background! Let your hallway shine bright and welcome guests with a warm and inviting atmosphere. 


Photo of clear glass semiflush globe on the ceiling in a while hallway with a red floral art piece on the wall 

Featuring the 767 Lunar Pendant Light with Hang-Straight in Eco-Clear

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