Creative Bathroom Lighting Tips and Tricks

Creative Bathroom Lighting Tips and Tricks

Is it too dim in your bathroom for you to see what you are doing as you prepare for the day? And sometimes, it’s just the opposite: a bathroom that is so bright there is no relaxing ambiance as you soak in the tub. It takes some planning and thought to devise a lighting scheme in a bathroom, as you want to achieve the perfect balance of useful light and a comfortable atmosphere. Let’s look at some creative bathroom lighting tips and tricks to help you make the most of the lights in your bathroom.

Use the Natural Light

Natural light is always a great choice in any room. If your bathroom has a window, choose a covering that doesn’t completely block out the natural light or that you can easily move aside when needed.

Pay attention to how the light looks at different times of the day. You may only need soft vanity lighting during the day, such as Bicycle Glass’s hand-blown glass vanity lights above the sink, and overhead lighting in the evening.

Choose a Variety of Lighting

Having a variety of light options isn’t just helpful as the natural light changes throughout the day; it’s also aesthetically appealing when you walk in the room. A bathroom with only canned lights in the ceiling won’t feel as warm and welcoming as one with some overhead lighting. Consider also adding lovely Bicycle Glass wall sconces to achieve gentle lighting as the sun sets.

Warm Colored Bulbs

No one wants bright fluorescent bulbs shining on their face first thing in the morning. Look for bulbs in amber and soft white, or try our frosted dimmable bulbs in your fixtures that allow you to easily adjust the bathroom lighting at any time.

Consider the Task

Every light has a job, so when choosing a light fixture for the bathroom, consider the task you want it to perform. Here is a list of possible bathroom areas that benefit from lighting:

  • At the vanity
  • Above a mirror
  • In or near the shower or bathtub
  • In a closet

Every bathroom is unique, so before you pick new lights for yours, list the places you want lighting and keep in mind the style and vibe you’re going for. Then, apply our creative bathroom lighting tips and tricks to pull your bathroom design together.

At Bicycle Glass, we offer beautiful, environmentally conscious recycled glass lighting options for your bathroom and more. Our semi-flush pendant lights are the perfect solution for those seeking overhead lights with style and elegance. Enjoy our large inventory of artisan-made glass light fixtures for any space and every atmosphere.

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