Cord Lengthening Options for Bicycle Glass Pendant Lights

Cord Lengthening Options for Bicycle Glass Pendant Lights

The Cord Lengthening Options for Your Pendant Lighting

Introduction: Under what conditions are cord lengthening important?

You should consider cord-lengthening when your ceilings are over 10ft from floor to ceiling. This is because the cord length that is typically supplied is 4ft. and the length to the start of the glass globe (with a 10ft ceiling) would be 6ft from the floor.

If your ceiling is much taller than this, your pendant may not hang as low as you would wish.


What are my options when it comes to cord lengthening?

Bicycle Glass standard cord length for pendants and chandeliers is 4 ft per pendant light. However we offer options for 8ft and 12ft cord lengthening. We also offer a totally custom option for truly unique spaces. If you need totally custom length greater than 12ft please give us a call at 1-833-245-4448.

When selecting the correct cord length you want to make sure that you have more cord length than you think you will need because in 99% of cases, you will cut the cord to length because your space is unique and will have a custom ceiling height.

You can learn more about considerations for pendant hanging height here. 


Can I combine cord lengthening with other options.

The short answer is yes!

Cord lengthening is available with other customization options. One of the most popular options is hang straights in addition to cord lengthening. This is because typically sloped ceilings can be quite tall and it is necessary to add both a cord lengthening as well as a hang straight option.

One lesser known option combination are downrods with cord lengthening. Downrods are used to hang light fixtures from the ceiling using a metal sheath that goes around the rod. You can learn more about downrods here. Please give us a call so we can help customize this option and make certain you are getting enough downrods for your particular space.

Swag and recessed light conversion are other options that can be combined with cord lengthening.

Again, many times this is the most complicated part of lighting and our experts are happy to help, especially if you have a tricky hanging situation that may require more than one modification to ensure you get the perfect lighting for your space.


What if the cord lengthening is too long?

Never fear. The cord is designed to be cut to length to fit your individual space. Almost all lighting installations require that the cord be cut so that the height is correct for your unique space. Instructions for how to cut the cord come with every pendant light.


Still have questions?

Many times your situation will be unique and you may have additional questions. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if we can be of any additional assistance. Please reach out to us at 1-833-245-4448 to talk over your unique space with one of our experts if you still have questions.

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