Benefits of Buying Handmade Lighting

Benefits of Buying Handmade Lighting

Benefits of Buying Handmade Lighting

When it comes to purchasing new lighting for your home, it can seem like there are hundreds of places to look and thousands of options for you to consider. However, it’s important to be aware that certain lighting products stand out above others for having better quality and being truer to your needs. No longer are we limited to the cookie-cutter models provided to us by our local hardware chain. Instead, handmade products—which are steadily rising in popularity—offer optimal performance, unique design, and even environmental benefits. These are some of the core benefits of buying handmade lighting for your home.

Superior Quality

As previously stated, quality is one of the primary reasons that homeowners purchase handmade lights over mass-produced models. This is because, rather than being made out of cheap metal to maximize quantity, hand-crafted products are shaped with heat-strengthened glass—this is harder to obtain. The process of molding these materials into functioning structures is also a lot more involved, requiring a highly skilled artist to pull off effectively. These factors combined create an item that’s more likely to illuminate a room correctly and last much longer.

Higher Overall Value

Many of the above features cause these products to have a larger overall market value. The materials and manpower alone involved in the manufacturing process make handmade lighting much rarer of a find, and, therefore, more expensive to obtain. This also gives them a certain air of authenticity that’s often associated with fine art pieces, making them appear to be more genuine than other types of lighting options. As such, if you ever do wish to sell your fixtures, you’ll make a larger profit on them.

Better for the Environment

Another crucial benefit of buying handmade lighting fixtures is that they’re generally better for the environment. Glass pendants, for instance, are often crafted out of 100 percent recycled glass materials. It’s important to note that work done by hand requires less electricity and gas energy than a mass-production assembly line. This not only conserves the resources we currently have circulating our environment, but it also keeps us from putting any useable substances to waste. As a result, fewer items are left in local landfills and the entire planet remains in a healthier state.

Supports Professional Artists

Purchasing these products also supports the artists who made them. Though we don’t tend to think about it, how we spend our money is a testament to the type of items we value. As such, acquiring artisan-made items shows that you appreciate what they do enough to keep their work alive. It’s a wonderful way to prevent the artform from dying out and assist that individual on the road toward success. This money is also quicker to go back into the economy and better support your community.

Ample Customization Options

Additionally, buying lighting in this way also gives you more input as to what type of item you’ll receive. Regulated designs and manufacturing processes don’t allow for as much customization because there simply isn’t enough room in the process to deviate from the standard model. Artists, on the other hand, tend to work from piece to piece. So, they have more freedom to take your desires into account. This way, you can be assured that, no matter the current design of your home, the new fixture will fit right in.

Detailed Care Instructions

Artists put a lot of love into the work they design for you, and it’d be a shame if it didn’t last because you weren’t sure how to care for it. For this reason, it’s common for buyers to receive detailed care instructions upon receiving their product. These documents will cover everything from how to install your new lighting fixture properly to the basics of disassembly and cleaning. The artist will also list their company contact information to ensure that you know how to reach out to them if you have any questions. This will ensure that you always have the resources available to help you maintain the piece and that it will last longer in your home.

Potential Warranties

Depending on the size of the company you buy from, you may also receive a limited-time warranty on the condition of your item. This is to account for any design features that were left out during the crafting process and even damage that might have been sustained during shipping. It’s important that the product you ultimately get meets all of your expectations and more. Otherwise, there was little point in you buying a custom piece in the first place. Therefore, these warranties show that the company is committed to making your vision a reality and protecting you from financial loss.

These are some additional things to remember about product warranties:

  • Warranties will often only apply when an item is sent back within a set time period.
  • Reordering will only be possible once the item has been successfully returned and your refund has been processed.
  • Warranties will be voided if the product has been improperly installed, altered, or tampered with.
  • The artist, or affiliating company, may also require images of the broken product prior to issuing a refund.

Provides a Unique Addition To Your Home

But, ultimately, handmade lighting fixtures are a unique way to draw attention to a specific point within your home’s design. Crafted to catch any onlooker’s attention, these items act as a focal point and open up new creative avenues for you to pursue with your style. This makes it easier to give your home a more personalized appearance and an atmosphere you can’t find anywhere else. One-of-a-kind products like these are also just a pleasure to display, as they offer up a feeling of pride simply by owning them.

At Bicycle Glass Co., glass blowing is our passion—and it’s an art form that’s taken years of practice and patience to perfect. It’s through this experience that we’ve honed new ways to craft customized home lighting. Our hand-blown glass pendant lights can be made utilizing various designs, colors, and textures to accommodate your specific needs. But, best of all, we aim to make these pieces as affordable as possible for you. So, if you’re interested in beautiful new lighting fixtures, make sure you check out some of our work.

Benefits of Buying Handmade Lighting
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