Recessed Light Conversion Kit

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One common problem that customers run into is wanting to put a new pendant light where an old recessed light was.  Normally this isn't easily possible because the opening for the recessed canopy is larger than the standard 5" canopy that comes with each of our lights as well as the electrical and sheet rock would have to be updated to accommodate a new fixture.  

The solution is our Recessed Light Conversion Kit.  Offered in brushed nickel, our conversion kit provides a painless and easy way to convert a recessed light into a brand new pendant light.  

It comes with a 8" diameter canopy that fully covers standard recessed lighting fixtures as well as a easy medium base connector that simply screws into your old fixture. 

All pendant lighting is made to order.  When you decide to place an order we will make your lights for you by hand one at a time.  We pride ourselves on being dedicated to quality and efficiency, we make every effort to make and ship you your pieces as quickly as possible and sometimes we can ship very quickly.  Most of the time we can ship in less than 14 business days.  However, when ordering please allow up to 21 business days for us to hand make your lights and ship them to you.   

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