Lucent Single Pendant Light: Form No. 303

Bicycle Glass Co


The Lucent Single Pendant Light: Form No. 303 refracts and bends the light to create a unique look to the light emitted from these fixtures.  Inspired by the Fresnel lens which is used in lighthouses around the world to help ships avoid treacherous coastlines. This is the largest of our 300 series and is 12" in diameter by 10" tall.

Each one is hand made with 100% recycled glass by a team of dedicated artisans in Minnesota. 

These pieces, by contrast to their smaller siblings, make a more grand statement because of their size.  These look particularly good in grouping, but also make a strong statement singly. They are available in blue, clear, and gray.

All pendant lighting is made to order.  We pride ourselves on being dedicated to quality and efficiency. All orders have free ground shipping to the continental United States.  Worldwide shipments are available and can be arranged. Please contact us for current lead times.

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