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Design No. 763 - Three Pendant Chandelier

Bicycle Glass Co

3-Rnd-Cha763-Lunar-Steel Blue-BN

Design No. 763 - Lunar 3 Pendant Chandelier features three, 5.5" diameter hand blown recycled glass globes and a 4w LED filament light. The bubbles are added by hand and add to the chandelier's unique nature. It is reminiscent of the moon's surface and has an effervescent quality to it.

Each piece is hand blown in Minnesota by a team of dedicated artisans. It is made from 100% eco friendly locally recycled glass, with a focus on sustainability.  Each glass globe measures 5" tall and 5.5" in diameter.  

Standard hardware package includes three, 4 watt LED light bulb rated at 350 lumens each and a 12" canopy with three pendant drops in brushed nickel.  It comes with a 6' of cord length rated for standard 110v installation.  The cords can be shortened as short as you need to fit your individual space.

This three pendant drop creates a beautiful chandelier that is perfect over an island or a table.  Hand made in Minnesota using recycled glass.  

All pendant lighting is made to order.  When you decide to place an order we will make your lights for you by hand one at a time.  We pride ourselves on being dedicated to quality and efficiency, we make every effort to make and ship you your pieces as quickly as possible and sometimes we can ship very quickly.  Most of the time we can ship in less than 14 business days.  However, when ordering please allow up to 21 business days for us to hand make your lights and ship them to you.  

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